Dirt Bike News - Mt. Baker Motorcycle Club Hosts Off Road Vehicle Area Clean Up Day in Bellingham, Washington - Dirt Rider Magazine

Washington Off-Road Enthusiasts Get ProactiveOur hats go off to the Mt. Baker M.C. of and the off-road enthusiasts of Bellingham, Washington. The club had a volunteer clean-up/ work party at the North Fork State owned land north of Bellingham. The effort was headed up by Alan Antilla, and from the pictures, looks like it was a huge undertaking! Most of the waste were remains of burnt cars that needed to be hauled out by wreckers. Other garbage was loaded into dumpsters by dozens of two and four-wheel off-roaders and their families who volunteered their time.

"The trash was created by others over the years," said Mike Hurlbert of RPM Racing Team, "We decided to be pro-active and get things cleaned up."This type of volunteer work does more than clean up our riding areas. It sheds a good light on off-road enthusuasts as a whole, and demonstrates that we are interested in protecting our areas. The more positive efforts like this we have, the less ammunition radical-environmentalists will have against our right to ride. At the rate riding areas are closing vs. the rate our sport is growing, it's very important for everyone to show some responsibility and take pride in our areas.Great job to everyone involved in the clean-up, and a big thanks from all of us at Dirt Rider!For more pictures from the event, go to www.rpmracingteam.com/North%20Fork.htm.
For more information on Mt. Baker M.C., visit www.amadist27.org/mt_baker_mc.htm.

Ever seen a Ranger this happy to see you?
An impressive number of Washington residents volunteered for the work day.
Countless wrecked cars littering the area required some heavy-duty equipment.