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Op Girls Learn To Ride Announces 2005 Motocross Schedule of EventsOp Girls Learn To Ride (Op GLTR), the original series of action sports instructional clinics for females, today announced its 2005 motocross schedule of events. Op GLTR, now entering its sixth year, has assembled fifteen weekends of motocross clinics this season, as the overall series expands to include over 200 action sports clinics and camps in the U.S. and Canada this year in seven different sports. In addition to the traditional beginner clinics, this year Op GLTR has also assembled a series of trail riding classes for more experienced riders.

For the fourth year in a row, Op GLTR will partner with the Honda Rider Educational Centers on many of its clinics and camps. In 2005, the program will also partner with Dirt Bike Training Adventures, Rich Oliver's Mystery School, Comprehensive Safety Systems, A+ Rider Course and Now Jr., who will provide experienced motocross instructors at their facilities. Op GLTR presenting sponsor Teen Vogue will provide marketing and promotions support and outreach to a broad mainstream audience of young girls.Op GLTR motocross clinics will be available to girls and women of all ages. Beginning students will receive 3-7 hours of instruction, where they will learn the basic skills of brake, throttle, clutch and gear shifting, as well as correct body position to properly maneuver on off-road terrain, climb, traverse hills and ride over obstacles. The clinics will be taught on a custom designed course that is safe, challenging and fun. Instructional fees include use of gear and dirt bikes, as well as snacks, gift bags and a donation to Boarding For Breast Cancer.Op GLTR will also introduce several trail riding classes this year for girls and women who have completed the beginner clinic or have prior experience in motocross. On these trails, the riders will practice technique with a semi-private coach, who will assist them in sharpening their skills and riding responsibly while becoming comfortable with maneuvering through moderate terrain with hard pack, soft sand and small hills on small to medium sized trails.

||| |---|---| 2005 Schedule of Events|April 30 | Colton, Calif. (SoCal)| |May 14 | Irvine, Calif. (SoCal)| |June 4 | Houston, TX| |June 4-5 | Fresno, Calif. (NorCal)| |June 11-12 | Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN| |June 11-12 | Gorman, Calif.*| |June 25 | Irvine, Calif.| |July 23 | Irvine, Calif.| |August 13 | Irvine, Calif.| |August 27 | New York, NY| |September 17 | Irvine, Calif.| |September 17-18 | Fresno, Calif.| |October 15-16 | Colton, Calif.| |October 22 | Gorman, Calif*| |TBD | Troy, OH| |TBD | Atlanta, GA| |*Indicates new Trail Riding clinic|

For clinic details, including exact locations and registration information, please visit www.opgirlslearntoride.com.For the past five years, Op GLTR has developed relationships with the leading action sports organizers, athletes, instructional facilities and media outlets in order to provide the highest level of instruction to women of all ages. In addition to Op, Teen Vogue and etnies Girl, this year's list of sponsor partners include top venues such as ESPN X Games skateparks, Vans Skateparks, Woodward Camps and ski resorts throughout North America; instructional schools such as Surf Diva, HB Wahine Surf School, Wakeboard Boot Camp, MTB Chick Racing, Mission2Ride, Honda Rider Educational Centers and MGT Snowboarding Camps; professional associations including the IASC (International Skateboarding Companies Association), Womens Motocross Association, IWS (International Women's Surfing), Women of Freestyle and E.A.G.L. BMX; and media partners within each sport, including Racer X magazine, Wake Boarding magazine, SG magazine, GKA and Active.com.