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KTM recently introduced their 2005 Supercross team, and a new addition to their line of motocross machines - the SX 250F. Despite KTM's wide spectrum of models, they are the last of the big-five to release their 250 four-stroke motocrosser, and have paid the price in the 125 class. Even though the SX 125 puts out more peak horsepower than any of its 250F rivals, the orange team still has not been as competetive in the 125 class with out a four-stroke.Team Red Bull KTM is planning to make an aggressive comeback in the 2005 Supercross/Motocross seasons with an all new team hand picked by team manager Larry Brooks and the American debut of the SX 250F. All the riders will be riding the new 250 four-stroke. The new team consists of former 125 West Champion Nathan Ramsey, Australian Supercross Champion Jay Marmont, Josh Hansen, Ryan Mills and the infamous Mike Alessi. 21-year old Jay Marmont has been dominating the Australian scene the last two years, and is now preparing to race his first US Supercross Series. Marmont got his feet wet in 2004 racing three Supercross rounds, finishing an impressive fourth in Irving, TX. Expect to see him on the poduim in the upcoming 125 West series."We're starting fresh," stated Larry. "We have a brand new Supercross and Motocross crew. They are young, enthusiastic and determined and we are so proud to have them as part of the Red Bull KTM Race team. All the riders will be on the KTM 250F in the 125 class in the Supercross and Outdoor series, except for Alessi who will contest the Outdoor season only in 2005."While new in the US, the KTM SX 250F has already had a winning year in Europe. New Zealander Ben Townley rode it to victory in the 2004 MX2 World Championship Series.The bike featured at the KTM intro is Nate Ramsey's current test bike. At first glance, we were impressed at how trick the bike looked, but as it turns out, it's much closer to stock than we first thought.The '05 SX 250F is going to be of very limited production in the US—just enough to satisfy the production rule—so very few will ever hit showroom floors. This also means that the stock bike will be as close to factory as they get. The 2005 SX will reportedly come with sand cast cases like those on Nathan Ramsey's and a Magura hydraulic clutch (the first 250F to feature one). So if you're a collector in the market for the trickest, most-limited production 250F money can buy, it's time to go hit up your KTM dealer. Otherwise, look for the release of a more refined SX 250F in '06.KTM's team intro was kicked off with day of Supermoto racing. After introducing the team and the new SX, the riders and editors hit Lake Perris Carts Raceway for some supermotard. The group was split up into five teams each headed up by a KTM team member. The KTM Editor's Supermoto Championship (complete with trophies) would be decided by a series of three motos. One moto consisted of each person completing three laps before handing it off to the next rider.Although the races were just for fun, the talent at the track inevitably turned the day into bar banging, cut-throat racing. The two teams duking it out for first were Mike Alessi's team of recently crowned 2004 AMA Supermoto champion Kurt Nicoll and Racer X's David Pingree, and Jay Marmont's team of multi-time arenacross champion Buddy Antunez, pro motocrosser Ryan Dudek and Dirt Rider Publisher Sean Finley (who was no doubt feeling the pressure since it was his first time on a supermoto bike).The Championship, and bragging rights, ultimately went to Marmont's team after taking two of the afternoon's three motos.

The motor looks slim and light-weight, and is no doubt a power house.
At second glance, we realized these trick-looking triple clamps are actually stock.
Unlike current 250Fs, you can actually access the spark plug on the SX 250.
Nothing stock here...
Josh Hansen leads the charge on the first lap.
Dirt Rider Publisher Sean Finley made his supermoto debut at the KTM intro.
Kurt Nicoll backs it in.
The start of the third and final moto of the day.
KTM's youngest team member Mike Alessi prepares to moto the big 525.
Nate Ramsey takes a celebratory parade lap.