Top US & European Off-Road Riders Slated to Attend Endurocross - News - Dirt Rider Magazine

Imagine Supercross with a few logs, water crossings and a pile of boulders thrown out on the course. That's what Pro-Motion motorsports is doing this Thanksgiving in Las Vegas. The first US Endurocross is only a few weeks away, bringing some of the world's most exciting outdoor racing indoors. Spectators can now catch all the action as riders traverse rocks, stumps, off-camber turns, bushes and ruts, all within the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.Endurocross has become a huge success in Spain, attracting Europe's biggest enduro riders to race before sold-out crowds. It's popularity has finally brought the event across the pond to the US. The invitation-only event has attracted the top American and European off-road riders. Champions and pros from ISDE, World Enduro, GNCC, Hare & Hound, Baja and Trials are slated to contest in the Thanksgiving weekend event. Our own editor Jimmy Lewis will be racing the event as well. And to ensure the race will torture as many riders and break as many bikes as possible, Jimmy has been helping Pro-Motion event promoter Tim Clark come up with new, creative off-road obstacles. "I've got a few crazy ideas but they may have to wait till after the first time so they don't scare all the riders away," said Lewis. "Tim liked the one with alligators but the stuff with broken glass and fire kind of worried him."Lewis plans on riding a KTM in the event and is still undecided as to which one. "I'm still trying to figure out what type of bike to ride but I'm thinking about a 200EXC. And I may even practice for this event, soon as I get back from Baja."The mishmash of trials, enduro, off-road and desert riders in a brand new event will undoubtedly make for an exciting event. "Should be fun," says newly crowned WORCS Champion Nathan Woods, "I just hope the Euros don't come over here and school us too bad!"Will the Euro's school the American Enduro riders? Will the motocrossers have the advantage on the tight track, or will the off-road riders rule? We can't wait to find out. If you haven't yet made plans for Thanksgiving weekend, come spend it in Las Vegas. Tickets are still available at entries for Endurocross Indoor Championship:

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