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KTM lost a rider and a friend on September 29, 2004. Richard Sainct, the three times Dakar Rally Winner crashed to his death while competing in the "Rallye des Pharaohs" in Egypt. The news was unexpected and shocking, something no one ever wants to hear. Our thoughts and best wishes are with Richard's family and friends during this difficult time.Scot Harden remembers his friend and competitor,

"Adieu et Bonne Chance Mon Ami. Richard Sainct passed away yesterday competing in the Egypt Rally. I got the terrible news the morning it happened and I've been thinking about it ever since. I've known and admired Richard Sainct since he first came to America to compete in the Nevada Rally. I think it was 1995. This past year I had the good fortune to spend some time with Richard during the Dakar Rally. A fierce competitor and certainly one of the greatest Rally racers of all time, Richard always took time to answer a question or give advice to from the U.S. team no matter how simple or curious it might have seemed. I'll never forget how he battled back from that spinning high speed crash the first day in Morocco to push Nani Roma to his limit for the win. I saw the gash in his arm, how many stitches it took to close, how painful it was. It would have stopped anybody else, but not Richard."Two weeks ago I had dinner with Richard in Munich. We were at Intermot and KTM was hosting a company Night of Champions dinner. We sat together along with Nani. It was the first time I really got to talk to Richard outside the racing environment. We bench raced, I asked him about his training program, his future goals, past races and what he did for fun. He was very warm and friendly. We had some laughs (at Nani's expense) and shared some good wine. Richard was a true gentlemen and champion in every sense of the word. Now, I will never forget that evening."I'll miss seeing Richard in Barcelona this December, and his good spirit and warm smile. My heart and prayers goes out to his family and his friends."DIEU SOIT AVEC VOUS" May God be with you.