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We're back after a week off! Doc Bodnar had his spine replaced last week and is back walking around. Seriously, his back surgery went well, and he'll be back to new soon and will do the show tonight! Call in if you'd like to talk about why he had this surgery, especially if you have back problems.A really important show tonight! There is a new ordinance being thrown around in the Riverside, CA County Offices that will basically stop anyone in Riverside County from riding their ORV, motorcycle or ATV, on their private property. Have a kid with a 50 that likes to ride in the back yard after school? Well, if this ordinance is passed, it will be illegal unless you have 5 or more acres with a Conditional Use Permit from the County, and a CUP for this use is impossible to get. So, Ann McGrath (Jeremy's mom) will be on the show tonight, and she has a wealth of knowledge on this subject, and some say her family has a larger part in this issue. We'll discuss this ordinance in depth and we'll also ask what Jeremy has been up to!Also on the show tonight, Michael Young, test rider for Transworld MX Magazine, will come in to talk about the upcoming SX season. We'll also get the inside skinny on his work with the shootouts he does for TW.Allan Brown, team manager for Moto XXX and their mechanic will come by to give us this weeks Tech Tip. And finally, Andy Donahue from OGIO will stop in to talk about their really kick-butt Gear Bags and all the other bags they make. They really are the top of their class, so be sure to listen to Andy talk about their really cool products.Gear Up and Hang on for The Moto Show!

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