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Tune in TODAY, July 15, to see nine of the top FMX riders in the world—including FMX legends Mike Metzger, Travis Pastrana, and Nate Adams—duel it out in front of 23,000 crazed spectators in a famous Spanish bullfighting arena—Las Ventas in Madrid—for the third-annual Red Bull X-Fighters.The two and a half hour action-packed webcast can be viewed using any standard browser, operating system and Internet connection at www.redbullxfighters.com. American supercross/motocross television personality Cameron Steele will provide the live webcast commentary from Madrid.Red Bull X-Fighters is the only athletic event apart from bullfighting that is allowed in Las Ventas. And the combination of a long bullfighting tradition with the style of one of the world's fastest-growing sports lends Red Bull X-Fighters an atmosphere all its own. In the eyes of FMX legend "Mad Mike" Jones, Red Bull X-Fighters is simply "the world's best freestyle event ... the crazy fans over there lead you to try out stuff you couldn't even imagine doing anywhere else."In Madrid, Metzger, Pastrana, and Adams will meet up with elite American riders Matt Buyten and Ronnie Renner, as well as with Australia's Dayne Kinnaird, Italy's Stefano Minguzzi, England's Kris Brock and Spain's two top motocross personalities Dani Torres and Edgar Torronteras.www.redbullxfighters.com