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Ed Tobin of the Salinas Ramblers Motorcycle Club sent us this urgent call to arms.The BLM has released a draft environmental impact statement to designate routes, barrens and the boundaries of the San Benito Mountain Research Natural Area. The preferred alternative will close approximately 60% of the routes, 90% of the barren play areas and could spell the end for the Quicksilver National Enduro, the longest, continuous running event on the American Motorcyclist Association's national enduro calendar.The plan is available on the Hollister Field Office web site at: http://www.ca.blm.gov/hollister/nepa.html or you may call the office and request a copy. Please contact George Hill at 831-630-5036. Public comment period is 90 days beginning July 16, 2004. The BLM has indicated that there will be public meetings but have not yet released a list of dates or locations.The motorcycling public is invited to visit the Salinas Rambler Motorcycle Club website for more information and to learn how to donate to the Clear Creek Legal Defense Fund.