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Yep, that's an aluminum frame! The 2005 YZ line is here, and bringing big changes to the two-stroke world. Considering that Yamaha fired the first shot in the four-stroke revolution, you might think they'd be the first to toss out the premix. Quite the contrary, Yamaha has no intentions of slowing down their two-stroke development.The YZ250 and YZ125 are debuting Yamaha's long-anticipated aluminum frame, along with sporting radical changes to the motors and suspension. The '05 line has the lightest and most powerful MX bikes from Yamaha to date. The YZ125 claims a weight of 196 lbs (using the AMA method), and the YZ250 weighs in at 217 lbs.
The thumpers also recieved their share of refinements, focused on improving power in the low to mid range. The changes in the YZ-F/WR machines should result in a more comfortable ride with a smoother power delivery.Changes made to all the YZs include Renthal bars, an all new front fork system, improved plastics to prevent "bruising" and a lighter, stronger swingarm. For details on all the changes to the 2005 line of Yamahas, pick up an August issue of Dirt Rider Magazine.
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Hollows in the frame improve handling while the aluminum shaves off 4.5 lbs!
All the '05 YZs come stock with Renthal bars.
The new, lighter swingarm shaves off another 1.1 lbs.