Dirt Bike News - 2004 Mammoth MX Mini Results - Dirt Rider Magazine

The excitement continues at Mammoth MX with the first day of the Mini Championships. Day one of the Wiseco Mini MX was full of upsets and suprises that kept the battle for first raging.In the 85cc 12-13 class main, Ben LaMay looked like he had the field covered. But with only a lap and a half left, he suffered a dissapointing mechanical failure when his chain came off. LaMay pulled off the track at the bottom of the down hill and struggled to get his chain back on while Nico Izzi and Honda's Trent Pugmire came charging by. In the fierce battle for first, Izzi picked up the lead, only to lose it when he slid out in the back section on the last lap. Trent Pugmire took the lead and held it to the finish just ahead of Tyler Villopoto.
Ryan Villopoto was able to come back after hitting the ground on the John Miller tree turn—a rutted off camber right hander that will claim many more victims before the week's end—and take the win over Honda's Trent Pugmire in the Super Mini Main.In the 9-11 85cc main Suzuki's Eli Tomac took the holeshot and lead until the finish ahead his Suzuki teamate Ian Trettle. Honda's Zeb Smith took third ahead of Suzuki mounted Brett Downey and Kawasaki's Chris Plouffe.
Thunder showers rolled into Mammoth Mountain Tuesday night after the first of the Mini motos. The track should be in great shape for day two of Wiseco Mini Championships taking place June 23. Check back on Dirtrider.com for more results from Mammoth throughout the week.Results Mini Day #1:****65cc - 6-8
1.) Michael Maze - KTM
2.) Justin Hill - KTM
3.) Ty Siminoe - KTM
4.) #926 (no name listed)
5.) Rowland Papp - KTM65cc - 9-11
1.) Eli Tomac - Suz
2.) Chis Plouffe - Kaw
3.) Blake Baggett - Kaw
4.) Jason Anderson - Kaw
5.) Coby Adair - Suz85cc - 9-11
1.) Eli Tomac - Suz
2.) Ian Trettel - Suz
3.) Zeb Smith - Hon
4.) Brett Downey - Suz
5.) Chris Plouffe - Kaw85cc - 12-13
1.) Trent Pugmire - Hon
2.) Tyler Villopoto - Kaw
3.) Trey Canard - Kaw
4.) Cole Seely - Suz
5.) Terren O'Dell - Kaw85cc - 14-15
1.) Ryan Villopoto - Kaw
2.) Tye Hames - Suz
3.) Kyle Cunningham - Kaw
4.) Topher Ingalls - Yam
5.) Joshua Huerta - KTMSuper Mini
1.) Ryan Villopoto - Kaw
2.) Nico Izzi - Suz
3.) Trent Pugmire - Hon
4.) Ben LaMay - Suz
5.) Blake Wharton - Suz