Dirt Bike News - Scott Summers Fractures Collarbone at the Big Buck GNCC - Dirt Rider Magazine

The latest from OMS Sports on Scott Summers' crash at the big Buck GNCC:Grand National Cross Country Series fan-favorite Scott Summers, who finished fourth at the last GNCC round and was battling his hardest to get back on the box this past weekend in the Big Buck GNCC, was involved in an over-the-bars accident in a particularly rocky section of the course and fractured his collarbone, forcing him out of the race."You have no idea how disappointed I am that this happened," said Summers, considered by many to be the all-time greatest GNCC racer ever. "From my sponsors to my fans, I've let down a bunch of people. And I've let down myself."Summers was feeling good about his pace and was racing for the win when he struck a rock with his front wheel, a rock that he did not see because he was focusing on the traffic. "I came in hot to a rocky area, got pitched off the bike and landed on my shoulder," explained Summers. "I was just in too big of a hurry. And, unfortunately, in my profession there's no room for a mistake."With ideal conditions and a track seemingly well-suited for his aggressive riding style, Summers said he got a bad start, coming out of the starting grid in like 15th place overall. He battled hard, with a number of riders - including Rodney Smith - letting the charging Summers past."I got around Rodney (Smith) and (Mike) Kiedrowski, with (Jason) Raines and (Shane) Watts being the only guys in front of me," said Summers. "My speed was right there and I wasn't spending much energy to carry that speed, which meant my bike was set up well. So I was looking forward to that final hour but, unfortunately, it didn't work out that way."After his initial consultation with a physician back in Kentucky, Summer said that doctors may be able to insert a rod into his collarbone to help speed up the healing process. That being the case, he thinks he would be able to race the next GNCC at Loretta Lynn's (April 17-18). If not, mathematically speaking, Summers says he will still have a shot at the title."I'd have to heel fast and ride extremely hard during the remaining races," said Summers. "But they say, if you're going to be dumb - like I was last weekend - you'd better be tough. So I guess I'll just have to get a little tougher.".OMS Sports is a global, full-service sport marketing agency specializing in athlete representation, strategic marketing partnerships, industry relations, licensing and merchandising opportunities in the world of Extreme Personal Powersports. For more information.