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This Memorial Day Weekend, Racer Productions will debut Moto-X-Country Racing, an innovative new racing format merging motocross with cross-country woods racing. MXC will blast off on Saturday during amateur weekend at the Thor High Point National.The Moto-X-Country track features four miles of fast woods and European GP-style grass track. The course resembles a long motocross track more than a hare scramble course, so motocross riders should find themselves right at home on the natural terrain.Motocross racers should find themselves at home in this new form of racing. The Moto-X-Country course will not be as tight as a typical GNCC track, but with the grass track and High Point Raceway's natural elevation changes, the course will still provide a challenge. And with several classes available and each running a 45-minute race, everyone will have time to dial in the course.Due to overwhelming feedback from racers interested in next weekend's Moto-X-Country debut, Racer Productions has revised the Moto-X-Country schedule. Motocrossers competing on Thursday and Friday as part of the High Point Amateur weekend will have the opportunity to compete in two MXC classes, each racing for a full 45 minutes.The new schedule alternates 45-minute races for youth riders on minicycles with classes for adult age classes, so all riders can get a break between races. In addition, the pro race will take place at 1 p.m., so spectators can check out the action without missing Saturday's pro MX practice.Up to seven classes will run at one time, with 30 seconds separating each starting row. Starts will be dead-engine. The rider entry fee is $25 per class.Moto-X-Country Schedule (Saturday, May 29)

7 a.m.
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9 a.m.
50cc Class 1 (4-6) 50cc Class 2 (7-8) 50cc Class 3 (4-8) (Oil Injected Stock)

10 a.m.
Collegeboy 16-14 Plus 25 Vet A (30+)
Vet B (30+)
Vet C (30+)
Senior B/C (40+)
Masters (50+)

11 a.m.
85cc (14-15)
85cc (12-13)
85cc (7-11)
65cc (10-11)
65cc (7-9)

12 p.m.
200 B
250 B
4 Stroke B

1 p.m.

2 p.m.
Mini Extra (65)
Mini Extra (85)
Big Wheel (12+)
Women (12+)

3 p.m.
250 A
200 A
4 Stroke A
Senior A

4 p.m.
200 C
250 C
4 Stroke C
First Year Racer
Moto-X-Country is part of an expanded Team Green Spring National weekend at High Point, which includes a full schedule of motocross racing on Thursday and Friday. For more information, including the weekend schedule, call 304-284-0084 or log on to www.RacerProductions.com.