Dirt Bike News - Motion Pro Rig Stolen, Classic Bikes Still Missing - Dirt Rider Magazine

A little bit of good news. As of 3:00pm Wed 14th, the police found the Freightliner and are taking fingerprints. It was found in a business district in Oakland CA. The stereo and TV are missing and there are a few scrapes on the outside but other than that it looks to be in good condition.The 4 classic motorcycles that remain missing:
1967 Suzuki TM250 MX, ID; TM250-10019 (Twin-Port, dual upswept black expansion chambers, a very unique motorcycle), metallic blue and silver
1972 Honda CT70 MiniTrail, Original, complete, orange color
1970 Yamaha JT-1 Mini-Enduro Original Condition, Orange-White colors
1991 Honda CR500 MX- Solid White w/ red/grey seat, no graphics, pipe guard.If you see or hear of anything, contact the Police immediately. And contact Victor Inouye at Motion Pro - 650/594-9600.But again everybody, Thank you very much!
It's really great to see that we have such a great "family" in the motorcycle industry. -Victor