Dirt Bike News - Air Force Announces New Motorcycle Clubs - Dirt Rider Magazine

The Air Force today announced plans already in the works to allow base motorcycle clubs worldwide designed to promote riding safety."Riding motorcycles is fun," said Maj. Gen. Ken Hess, Air Force chief of safety. "If it wasn't, nobody would be taking the risks that are involved. The key is to make safety go hand in hand. That is what motorcycle clubs will do."Clubs began forming at bases throughout the Air Force this year with an added emphasis on mentoring, engaging those experienced motorcyclists to mentor new riders and help them develop their skills and knowledge about riding. Motorcycle clubs are expected to increase mentoring, as well as encourage responsible motorcycle use and enjoyment through education and training.A recent review of mishap data showed Air Force motorcycle mishaps on the rise, resulting in 72 fatalities between 1999 and 2003. More than half of these fatalities were the result of single-vehicle crashes involving riders who exercise poor judgment and made risky decisions.In an effort to stem the rise in accidents, Air Force major commands identified interested units to set up test clubs for about a year before engaging bases worldwide. Interested personnel should go to their Services Squadron to see when/if a club is opening on their base.