Dirt Bike News - Husqvarna Clarification - From Dirtbike Experts at Dirt Rider Magazine

There was a little confusion recently when a press release was issued regarding Husqvarna SP getting back into the motorcycle industry. Husqvarna SP and Husqvarna North America are the lawn and garden sector and hasn't been associated with Husqvarna motorcycles since they sold off their interest to Cagiva back in the 80s. Currently, MV Agusta still owns and operates the parent company Husqvarna motorcycles. However, recently Husqvarna SP purchased a minority share in MV Agusta as an investment but has no interest in distributing or selling the brand in America. Cagiva USA will continue to act as the sole importer and distributor of Husqvarna motorcycles. For more information on the 100 anniversary or the entire line of 2004 Husqvarna motorcycles, contact Cagiva USA at www.husqvarnausa.com