High Lifter Hosts Hurricane Relief Event at Mud Creek Off-Road Park - News - ATV Rider Magazine

There are only a few times, in life, that we have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. When we see this opportunity, we have two options: Do nothing and hope for the best...or gather together and rally the troops and do something to make the difference!As all of you know, the southern United States; Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida were ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. The face of the south has changed forever! There are entire cities that are, and will be, without power, homes, food, and remain under water for the unforeseeable future. Reports say that a large number of these citizens could be displaced for 90 days or more! When these people finally get the chance to "come home," chances are, they won't have a "home" to come to...or jobs...or, in some cases, even family members. Due to the concentration of ATV enthusiasts in the south, and according to many of the reports that we have received, many victims of Hurricane Katrina's destruction are members of the ATV riding community and even members of the High Lifter forum.Watching the hours prior to Katrina's landfall and seeing the mayor of New Orleans who said, "This is the big one that we've all worried about for years." He announced anticipating deaths ranging in the tens of thousands. After receiving what appeared to be a "near miss," we have since learned that Katrina's aftermath is far greater than even early predictions. It's truly awe-inspiring and it's time to do something to help.High Lifter is PROUD to announce a very special event!This is a chance for you to come and ride for a great cause. 100% of proceeds will go directly to The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to be given to the affected areas across the South.The High Lifter Hurricane Relief Event will take place at Mud Creek Off-Road Park in Jacksonville, TX on October 1-2, 2005. For event and admission information including a schedule of events and list of raffle prizes, visit the High Lifter website at www.highlifter.com/hurricane.htm.