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Alpinestars Tech 10 before and after

MX Boot Repair: $79.99 Starting

This week we are featuring a service rather than a product, and that service is resoling and fixing motocross boots by MX Boot Repair. Located in Corona del Mar, California, this company has been working on shoes, boots, luggage, and all kinds of leather goods for more than 65 years. So, we dropped of a pair of Sidi Crossfire 2 SRs and a pair of Alpinestars Tech 10s with moderate wear on both. The Sidis had the soles recently replaced (we had them they were replaced anyway), but the main problem with these boots was some stitching coming undone and a missing strap and broken strap holder. The Tech 10s didn’t have any structural problems, just normal sole wear.

The resoling process is pretty straight forward when it comes to welted (stitched) sole boots. The sole is removed, the bottom is repaired if necessary (if minor it is included in the cost, if more work they will contact you with prices) and a new sole is sewn and pressed on.

MX Boot Repair’s custom boot machine presses the sides of molded soles.
As well as the back.

But, what sets MX Boot Repair apart from other motocross boot resoling operations is how they deal with molded soles like those on Alpinestars Tech 3, 7, and 10s. They have a special machine that, originally designed for manufacturing sneakers, is very similar to what is in the Alpinestars factory. To properly adhere the molded sole to the boot, even pressure must be applied not only to the bottom but also to the toe, the sides, and the heel of the boot since molded soles wrap around those areas. Using this method, MX Boot Repair can use factory supplied Alpinestars soles rather than just pressing on another brands sole.

We just got both pairs back and we haven’t worn them yet, but the Tech 10s look like new and the Sidis have the stitching repaired, new soles, and a repair on the strap loop. Though you could have MX Boot Repair replace your Crossfire 2 SR soles, they are simply screwed on and Greg at MXBR says that you can do them yourself. He doesn’t want customers paying for what they don’t need. In total, it is was $95.99 to have the Tech 10s resoled, and $110 for the screws and soles and $34.95 for the strap and strap loop repair on the Sidis. Considering what both of these boots cost new, getting years more riding out of them is a great deal.

Next, we'll pound the proverbial pavement in both these foot protectors so keep an eye out for a full test in an upcoming issue of Dirt Rider.

949-486-9000 or 800-823-1236

Sidi Crossfire 2 SR with loose stitching before.
Before: Missing strap and broken strap loop before.
New soles on the Sidis, but like we and Greg from MXBR said, these soles are easily replaced at home.
This is the special, all-around press machine that makes replacing the factory Alpinestars molded soles possible.
To insure that the boots don’t collapse in the press, each needs a plastic foot mold installed.