Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge


Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

0–60 psi $109.99

There are tasks that everyone does each time they ride a dirt bike, and one of them is checking the tire pressure. If you don’t, you should, since tire pressure affects your entire riding experience. Since dirt bike tires are inflated to such low psi and even a 1-pound difference can change the way the bike handles, the more accurate the tire gauge the better.

Motion Pro offers this new Digital Tire Pressure Gauge that displays psi to the tenth of a pound. It also has a release valve to lower the psi without having to remove the tool from the valve stem. The gauge has the same sturdy build of Motion Pro’s analog gauges, featuring a large rubber outer layer that offers protection and grip, a long flexible hose, and an easy-to-read display.

After two months of use, the pressure gauge’s battery life indicator has not dropped at all, but when it does drop all the way down, it just takes two AA batteries. I checked the accuracy of the gauge against Motion Pro’s 0–30 psi analog gauge that has seen many years of use (but that we know to be completely accurate) and they were within a few tenths of a pound. Compared to another brand’s analog gauge, there was about a pound of difference.

Overall, this gauge is as easy to use as any other on the market yet a whole lot easier to read. So far wear and tear is nonexistent, and based on Motion Pro's other products' high durability, this gauge should last for decades—as it should for how much you have to pay for it. —Sean Klinger

Rated                                                89

Function                                            48/50

Portable                                            8/10

Durability                                          19/20

Design                                              9/10

Price                                                  5/10


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