Another year in the MX record books for Cobra Moto as 2011 proves pivotal in company’s history - Dirt Rider Magazine

Photos by Rodney WebbHILLSDALE, Mich., (Dec. 30, 2011) - In the corporate equivalent of clearing a 100-foot triple on 50cc bike, Cobra Moto won maybe its - and mini cycle racing's in general - most important race of all time … the race to defeat the ominous CPSIA "Lead Law" that cast a shadow over the entire youth motocross industry the past two years.

Battling in suits and ties on one front, Cobra Moto was backed by some incredible young talent on the other - racers who were victorious in the vast majority of 50cc races at the major American amateur MX Nationals - from Oak Hill, Texas, to Mill Creek, Ala., Mesquite, Nev.'s Mini GPs, Ponca City (Okla.), Loretta's (Tenn.), Branson, Mo., and the Florida Mini Os. Cobra Moto racers also won big at the annual MX Masters Kids in Europe and well as a number of Canadian MX championships."2011 will certainly go down in Cobra Moto's heritage as a turning point year not only for the company, but the sport of mini cycle racing in general," said Cobra Moto President Sean Hilbert. "Along with the principles at MX Sports, the AMA and the Motorcycle Industry Council, the biggest race Cobra Moto won this year was in Washington D.C.'s halls of Congress. Outside that it was the Cobra Moto kids that stepped up and made us proud, as they have since the company's inception, at every major amateur MX National-caliber race throughout North America and Europe."A number of factory-backed racers stood out for Cobra Moto in 2011. And most importantly, a number of them return for the 2012 competition season as senior members of their respective classes. Here's a look at Cobra Moto's 2011 All-Star Team!• Stilez Robertson (California) - Racing his final Loretta's on a Cobra, Robertson set a 50cc class wins record that's going to be tough to beat. Recording his 26th win at the big one - Loretta's - Robertson broke the record previously held by former Cobra racer Adam Cianciarulo. Robertson went 1st/1st/1st to win out in the 51cc (7-8) AMA 1 Stock Senior class to become the winningest AMA amateur racer ever on 50cc bikes.

Pierce Brown (Utah) - Brown threw down at the season opener in Oak Hill, racing to victory in all three 50cc classes he entered on his Cobra CX50SR, aka the "King Cobra." This included the 7-8 Stock, 7-8 Modified and the hotly-contested 4-9 Open class. In all Brown went 6-0 in six motos - the best results of any Cobra racer, setting the stage for excellent 2011 competition year for Brown and Cobra Moto. Brown also put the Cobra CX65 on a number of major amateur MX National podiums.

Ryder Di Francesco (California) - Stepping up big at Loretta Lynn's Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tenn., Di Francesco became the first five-year old in the storied history of the event to win the 51cc (4-6) AMA 2 Stock Junior class. He gave up the first moto to his Cobra Moto-backed central Cal riding buddy Jett Reynolds, then went on to win the next two motos. Prior to Loretta's Reynolds and Di Francesco had gone 1st/2nd, respectively, at Ponca - leading a Cobra Moto charge that would see the King 50 capture nine of the top ten spots in Ponca's 50cc through 6 Mod class.• Jett Reynolds (California) - Wherever you found Di Francesco on the podium, Reynolds was sure to be there as well. From Ponca to Loretta's, Cobra Moto's Bakersfield Boyz - joined by New York's Reed Cooper - also made up the entire 7-8 50cc class Olympiad podium at the Mini Os, the first time in memory which that's occurred with one brand - Cobra Moto!• Brock Bennett (California) - The third Cobra Moto kid out of Bakersfield won big against his riding buddies at the World Mini GPs (50cc through 6 Mod class) and was a consistent high podium finisher at Ponca and Oak Hill.

Gage Linville (Georgia) - Although he got off to a bit of a slow start in 2011, Linville closed out the year on a high note, winning the coveted Olympiad title (MX/SX combined) in the 50cc 7-8 class at the Mini Os. Linville, 7, a longtime Cobra Moto-backed racer, will return to contest the 7-8 class again next year at all the major amateur MX Nationals.• Reed Cooper (New York) - Making the overall 50cc 7-8 podium with two Cobra Moto Bakersfield racers, Cooper blasted big at the Mini Os - winning the coveted 4-6 50cc Olympiad title. Reed also opened the season on a sweet note, sweeping top honors in both the 4-6 Stock and 4-6 Multi-Speed classes at Mill Creek.Cobra Moto would also like to recognize its 2011 "Honorable Mention" racers: Tommy Rios (Florida), Tanner Ward (Canada), Jack Rogers (Maryland), Vance Stiers (Texas), Brayden Bruce (Wyoming), Dylan Woodcock (UK), Jayden Taylor (Michigan), Branden Walther (Texas), Cameron Davis (Pennsylvania), Kruz Sampson (Tennessee), Tanner Kemp (Ohio), Scott Hunter (Canada), Ryan Smith (Oklahoma), Cade Britt (Colorado), Alex Mann (Washington), Ramon Rusche (Oklahoma), Chase Yentzer (Pennsylvania), Seth Milam (Texas), Max Miller (Oregon), Chandler Baker (Oklahoma), Jeremy McKie (Canada), Tyler Archambault (Michigan), Dilan Schwartz (California) and Harry Wichmann (UK), along with a special Honorable Mention to Cobra's top female racer - New Jersey's Jordan "JJ" Jarvis!Cobra, founded in 1993, produces the most successful line of competition mini cycles in the United States with more than 300 national titles in the last decade. Based out of Hillsdale, Mich., Cobra's mission is to build premium products for the serious racer. For more information on Cobra products, please visit our website at and like us on Cobra Nation on Facebook.