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I was born into a dirt bike testing family, and wouldn't want it any other way. My dad and uncles own BBR Motorsports, so they are always testing and working on bikes. If they aren't testing bikes, there is usually someone at my house that is. The very first time I rode a dirt bike, I was being asked about bar position, foot peg height, power, etc., while other kids would hear "Be careful", "Good job", "Go faster", "Go slower". Nobody mentioned I was two years old riding a dirt bike without training wheels, I guess that was considered normal in my world. With dirt bikes, my family had a totally different focus than most; it was all about how much information we could gather. While testing the last ten years, I have had a chance to meet a bunch of incredible people.

One of the first test riders that I met, that really knew what he was talking about, was Rich Taylor. He wasn't afraid to say how a part worked - good or bad. Rich worked for American Honda back in the 90's as a research and development rider on the CRs. He got to ride and test all of the new bikes, years before they were available. Awesome! He went on to work for Suzuki during the Carmichael / Reed years and helped turn the RMs into some of the best WORKS bikes ever. Rich even worked as a Dunlop tire tester. While Rich worked at all of these great jobs, he was also working as a test rider right here at Dirt Rider Magazine. At one point, I think he had more cover shots than anyone.A couple of years ago, Rich decided to start his own line of goggles. So he started a company called EKS Brand, and has really grown it fast. I instantly knew the goggles were going to be good, because I knew Rich would test them until they were perfect. I was right! I tried the goggles for the first time at Mini Moto last year and I have been a believer ever since.

The first thing I noticed about the EKS Brand goggles was the wide area of vision. I like to see what is coming up beside me rather than getting stuffed in the next corner! EKS Brand also offers different types of goggle lenses, which are great for up here in the Northwest, since we have to be ready for rain and mud at any moment. The zip-off system is the setup I use on a daily basis for mud riding. EKS Brand also makes a dual pane lens to help keep the goggles from fogging up when you are sitting on the line! The goggles have held up great through the excessive abuse and ride time I give them.

Oh yeah, goggles have to make you look good too, right? EKS Brand offers a ton of sick looking designs and colors for the straps and the lenses. In my book, EKS Brand has it all - great fit, function and look. Check them out yourself at www.eksbrand.com.See ya at the races - Carson