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Lately I've been riding the super mini class on my small wheel Honda 150R. I wanted to run the big wheels, but I'm only twelve, kind of on the small side, and a bit too short. This summer something magically happened though, I grew! I'm finally tall enough to switch over to the big wheels!

I started checking into what it takes to switch over to the big wheels. Of course, you need the bigger rims. The stock sizes are 14" rear and 17" front. I wanted to switch to the 16" rear and 19" front, which are legal in the super mini class.With the bigger rims you then need bigger tires, bigger tubes, and longer spokes. You also will need a larger rear sprocket, to make up for the larger wheel size. Sound complicated? It is and this doesn't even cover taking off the old tires, unspoking the old rims and spoking up the new rims. I found there are a couple of ways to do it. You can order up all of the individual parts and put them together yourself or buy complete wheels.

This is where Pro Wheel comes in. They have complete wheels ready to go! They already come spoked, with the tires mounted, the correct sprocket, and wave rotors installed. They even come with the wheel spacers. All you have to do is pull your axles and slide the new wheels on!So I decided to order mine up with red hubs and silver rims, to give my bike that Team Honda look. Pro Wheel can get you just about any color combo you want and for just about any dirt bike made. I've even had them do some vintage wheels before, like on my CR60.

The hubs are made from billet aluminum and then anodized in your favorite color. Pro Wheel has developed their rims over the years and their latest versions are some of the strongest rims I have tried. For some reason, every rim on my bikes are square…I'm told I'm a rim cruncher. The Pro Wheel rims are made out of 7000 series aluminum and have been 'Carson proof', so far.The tires are for soft terrain and work good in the mud and sand. The fact I didn't have to mount the tires and get bloody knuckles makes them even better! It takes approximately two minutes per wheel to install. The only way these wheels would be easier to put on would be for Pro Wheel to ship a guy with them, and he'd have nothing to do. He'd just wind up cutting into your riding time.

For $795.00 you would have a hard time ordering all of the parts separately for that price. Then you still have to do all the work yourself to put them together, Whether you need a spare set of complete wheels, or separate rims, hubs, spokes, or tires, give Pro Wheel a call, they will make it easy for you. You can reach them at or 360-691-6459.See you at the races - Carson

Real Rider Carson Brown
Height 4'10"
Weight 85lbs
Ability Expert
Location Seattle, WA
Hard Parts Max Rated Side Note
Install 20 20 These wheels are COMPLETE. No running to the dealer for extra parts.
Function 50 50 I'm not bloody, frustrated, or embarrassed by these wheels. They are awesome.
Durability 10 9 They have been tough so far. Pro Wheel has come a long way over the years.
Design 10 9 They look great. The red is RED, not pink. The quality is top-notch.
Price 10 9 I wish they were free, but somebody had to design and build them.
Total 100 97