Straight From The Rider's Mouth: Kawasaki KLX110L - Dirt Rider Magazine

If you have to ask, then you wouldn't understand. But I'm going to tell you anyways. Riding minibikes can be one of the most fun times ever, especially with a bunch of friends around even a tiny track. Kawasaki's revised KLX110L is just what the adult rider looking for a mini-moto mount ordered up with a slightly taller setup than the standard KLX110 and a manual clutch on the four-speed transmission. It takes some of the cramped feeling out while leaving all the fun intact in this mid-sized kid-O bike. There is plenty of spunk to make smiles and not enough power to keep you from being a hero every time you ride the thing. Riding wide-open and pushing the limits of traction, just like Ryan Villopoto does every weekend, only on much slower and safer scale never felt so good. And I haven't met a kid who would not love this bike as much as I do. Just don't blame me for not letting them ride it till I'm all done, crying does not work with me.-Jimmy Lewis