2009 KTM 50 SX And 65 SX, Riding Impression - Dirt Rider Magazine

Although much of Dirt Rider's testing focus has been on the new 2009 big-bike four-stroke models, we still haven't forgotten about the little guys. KTM recently hooked us up with its new 50 SX and 65 SX machines, and to say that these bikes have been revised for '09 is an understatement. We tossed Mini Rider test rider Robbie Wageman on the new KTMs for a little guy's opinion of the tiny orange bikes.Both KTM minis got their share of improvements this year, including new dual radiators, lightweight footpegs and all-new front and rear wave rotors, while the 65 SX got the stronger four-piston rear caliper (the very same unit that also graces the 85 SX). They also received updated bodywork and graphics, as well as black-anodized rims, updated frames and ProTaper handlebars. The real bee's knees of the bikes are the freshly designed 50cc and 65cc motors, which centralize the mass and improve handling, torque and overall delivery. In truth, these bikes were radical last year, and for 2009 they are pretty shocking as far as performance goes.After watching Wageman spin about a thousand laps on the 50 SX, we cornered him for an opinion. "The new bodywork was very cool and comfortable. Plus, I love the way it looks...like a real big bike! The seat, bar and footpegs were in a good position for me. The motor was the fastest 50cc I've ever ridden. The fork and shock were softened up from stock position and were both nice." Little Robbie looked plenty comfortable on the orange mini and was actually hucking the bike off some pretty big hits-even for a little guy. The 32mm Marzocchi can come in handy!Next, we tossed our little test monkey on the 65 SX, and he came back to the boxvan with a grin so big you'd think he's just had Hannah Montana holding his pit board. "The 2009 is a larger 65 than my 2008 65," he told us. "The feel of the bike is awesome. The new motor looks really cool and runs fast. When I hit really big jumps, the '09 was very smooth on takeoff and landing. Its shifting is very smooth and better than my '08. On a scale of one to 10, I rate this bike a 10! I can't wait for my dad to buy me one!"Make no mistake; these machines are not for full-on beginners. Robbie might as well be a pro based on how much he rides, and as far as race bikes go, you can't do much better than the 50 SX or 65 SX. KTM has a few smaller models available for less experienced or smaller riders, but if your kid is ready to start shredding the track and won't get off your back about it, a 2009 KTM mini might be the perfect way to make his year.2009 KTM 50 SX

MSRP: $3698
Claimed dry weight: 86 lb
Claimed seat height: 26.9 in.
Fuel capacity: 0.6 gal.2009 KTM 65 SX

MSRP: $4398
Claimed dry weight: 122 lb
Claimed seat height: 29.5 in.
Fuel capacity: 0.9 gal.