Malcolm Stewart's JDR/JStar KTM 250 SX-F

Mechanic: Justin Shantie

Even though Malcolm Stewart’s team JDR/JStar is looking for funding to continue racing, the 250 SX-F’s the team is running are rocket ships. According to Malcolm's mechanic, Justin Shantie, their motors are done in-house and he was not allowed to comment much on the motors.

As far as the suspension, the team has a contract with WP, so it’s all done at WP. According to Shantie, Malcolm likes his suspension on the stiff side front and rear.

“We did a lot of testing with triple clamps,” says Shantie. “And Applied set us up with triple clamps and Malcolm runs a setup that is fairly pulled back.”

Meanwhile, when it comes to his throttle, Malcolm likes zero free play in it.

“Malcolm’s not too picky on a lot of things, but he has to have a cross bar, so Pro Taper came up with nice cross bar design for him,” says Shantie. “He runs the Pro Taper half waffle medium compound grips.”

“Malcolm is really particular about his tires, he usually sticks to the same two tires every weekend,” adds Shantie. “He runs an over-sized front rotor. He’s all about the front brake, sometimes he’ll come into a corner all on the front brake, with the rear wheel off the ground.”

On the rear, Malcolm runs the factory caliper but he prefers the OEM-sized rotor because he doesn’t like too much stopping power in the rear.

“We’ve been playing with the holeshot button, it’s a lot lower than it was last year,” says Shantie. “He runs it 135mm from the top of the fork guard now, he’s trying to get some better starts.”

Malcolm likes a ribbed seat, so Enjoy came up with a 5-rib pattern for the seat, which helps him grip a lot better.

Other items of note:

• Runs very sharp Raptor footpegs

• 13/49 gearing

• Pro Taper half waffle medium compound grips