Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Motocross 2014 Photo Gallery

There were 36 champions crowned last week at the 33rd Annual Loretta Lynn Amateur Motocross Championship in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, and there was a lot of great racing. Photographer Shan Moore was on hand to bring back some of the action.

Ramyller Alves bends his Yamaha around a turn in the Schoolboy 1 class. Alves finished 12th overall in the division. Photo By Shan Moore
Jon Ames was the overall winner in the Schoolboy 1 class with a 2-1-3 moto tally. Photo By Shan Moore
Sean Cantrell holds off Mark Petermen on the second lap of the Super Mini 2 race on Thursday. Photo By Shan Moore
RiverRock Yamaha’s Tristen Charboneau gets a little out of shape en route to a moto win in the 250 B class. Charboneau won the title. Photo By Shan Moore
JR Hampshire took home the AMA Horizon Award and swept all six of his motos on his way to titles in the 250 A and Open Pro Sport classes. Photo By Shan Moore
KTM’s Luke Purther on the gas in the Schoolboy 1 race. Photo By Shan Moore
Jalek Swoll and Garrett Marchbanks go head to head in the Mini Sr 1 class. Marchbanks eventually won the race and the title. Photo By Shan Moore
MacKenzie Tricker claimed the title in the Womens 14+ division despite suffering mechanic problems in the final moto. Photo By Shan Moore
Austin Forkner swept the Super Mini 2 division with three moto wins. Photo By Shan Moore
Lorenzo Lucurizo crests a turn during the 250 B race. The Yamaha rider went 3-3-1 for second overall in the class. Photo By Shan Moore