Dr. Dirt: KX FI Calibration Kit

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Dr. Dirt,

I have a question that no one can answer for me. I have a 2011 and a 2012 KX450F. I want to buy the "KX FI calibration kit" so I can adjust my bikes’ fuel/timing system. I noticed there are different part numbers for some of the KX450Fs. Do I really have to buy two individual calibration kits just so I can recalibrate my 2011 and my 2012 bikes? Thanks in advance

Anthony Perez

We can answer your question Anthony. Besides buying the Kawasaki FI calibration kit (p/n 99999-0394) you will need to purchase a sub harness for your 2012 (p/n 26011-0243) and one for your 2011 (p/n 26011-0315). This will enable you to adjust the fuel and ignition parameters and collect data on both your bikes.