JT Racing Introduces Its 2015 Gear Line Up

For 2015, JT has taken a bold leap into the modern off-road gear market with stylish designs that still hint at the company's rich motocross history. While JT gear isn't the biggest name in gear in the USA, Darryl Atkins, former MX GP and AMA Supermoto racer and JT's COO/VP of Sales, says that the company's gear is much bigger in European markets. Darryl explains that JT's goal is to provide the rider with the best quality gear without cutting corners or making sacrifices. He admits that, with a smaller profit margin, it will take time to grow, but JT's goal is to be known for its quality, not company size. For more info go to jtracingusa.com.

JT’s style even looks good on bike. This Honda CRF450 hangs out in JT’s Irvine, California, offices.
Starting with the lowest priced gear, the Flex line has two graphics. This is the Flow graphic that is available in white, black and grey.
This is the Flex Echo graphic that comes in orange/yellow and purple/yellow. Pricing for the Flex line is $29.99 for the jersey and $99.99 for the pant.
This is JT’s mid-priced line, the Hyperlite. This graphic is the Voltage and comes in four colorways. The Hyperlite line has a few more features than the Flex.
Bright colors and unique combinations are the new trademarks of JT gear. Here is the purple/yellow Hyperlite Voltage jersey.
This is the Hyperlite Magneto graphic, which has two colorways. The Hyperlite line is priced at $39.99 for the jersey and $129.99 for the pant.
Here is the ProTek series, which is their premier line of gear and has the most bells and whistles. The jersey is $49.00 and the pant is $169.00.
Rather than putting the hip pads inside the pant (that most riders chuck immediately) the ProTek pant has them on the outside. That way, they don’t add extra bulk inside, yet there is just a bit more protection in a spill.
There are a lot of high quality graphics that add protection and a cool look. Also, the ProTek inner knees have both leather and Kevlar layers.
Small details like this are kind of a nice touch. It is sort of like an inside joke with between the rider and JT.
This is the ALS 2.0, one of two helmets that JT will be launching in 2015. Gone is the retro style, the ALS 2.0 is all about modern features and looks.
JT’s gloves are not necessarily paired up with any particular gear lines and are designed to be interchangeable between any gear set.
This retro helmet looks nothing like JT’s modern offerings, but for the time, this helmet was cutting edge.
Seeing all of this retro gear together is a reminder of the impact of the original JT Gear.
The casual wear is just as cool as the riding gear and also has that ‘throwback’ feel.