Factory Bike Friday: Jessy Nelson's TLD Honda CRF250R

Mechanic: Eric Gass

Jessy Nelson's Lucas Oil/Troy Lee Designs Honda CRF250R is obviously as fast as anything on the track judging from Jessy’s starts so far this year. According to mechanic Eric Gass, Jesse’s a pretty easy rider to work for and he likes a fairly neutral feel as far as handlebar setup and levers. Jesse uses 999 standard length bars fitted with custom ARC levers.

“As far as power, Jessy likes a real smooth delivery,” says Gass. “Moto Tassinari and Vortex helps us in that area.”

Gass goes on to say that Nelson likes his suspension a bit stiffer than the rest of the riders on the team. “He’s a very aggressive Supercross rider,” adds Gass. Pro Circuit services the Showa suspension and the forks are held in place by Xtrig triple clamps with the production 20mm off-set.

“We have a custom exhaust tuned for this motor package, but Jessy prefers the real mellow exhaust instead of the snappier one we have available,” says Gass. Pro Circuit supplies the exhaust as well.

Gearing is 13/49, and it seems to be working pretty good off the start.

“As a tester, Jessy is not as experienced as some of the other guys on the team, so we tend to leave a lot of stuff sort of in the middle as far as setting go,” says Gass.