KTM's new bike, Roger DeCoster Speaks - Dirt Rider Magazine

Ever since it was announced that Ryan Dungey was riding for KTM, the masses speculated as to what motorcycle he would be racing come the 2012 season. Most figured he would be riding some form of fuel-injected machine but the current 2012 450 had a carburetor. And even before that, rumors flew around town that KTM was working on a new ride. In fact, it was also said that Andrew Short was testing a version of a new bike when he crashed near the end of the outdoor season in 2011. Then Dungey came out strong at the Monster cup and more conjecture circled that he was riding a modified 2012 XCW off-road 450. The fact is, KTM does have a new 450 motocrosser just around the corner. It's said that a number of bikes will be in dealers by March 1, 2012, to meet AMA homologation requirements. We got to see the new Katoom in various stages of a build and even touch the new mount, not to mention spend some time with the man himself, Roger DeCoster. Dungey will make the worldwide debut on the production Factory Edition 450 all decked out with Factory parts on January 7, 2012.Read Motocross.com's interview with Roger DeCoster at http://www.motocross.com/features/roger-d-speaks/ or click the image below.