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The Nitro Circus Live show is coming to Las Vegas next week, meaning that Travis Pastrana and his crew of crazies will finally get to show their stuff to a live audience on U.S. soil. Having successfully completed numerous Nitro Circus Live shows down under, the Nitro Crew has big things planned for the single night of mayhem in Las Vegas. We recently sat down with Nitro's own Dusty Wygle to talk about life on the tour and the upcoming show in Sin City. You are not going to want to miss this!

Dusty, fill us in on the Nitro Circus.

I don't even know where to start! The last year has basically been a flat-out haul to make the biggest, best and most entertaining live show out of a TV show. And so far, it's worked! I've been a part of it for all 25 shows we've done so far, and every single show we've done I've been scared to death for half the riders. It's just been nuts.

Is it luck, or is it talent? How are you guys all still in one piece!

I don't know, man. The show is pretty unique because we have a set plan, so the first half is usually all set up. But without fail, in the second half of the show someone has stepped in and taken it to the next level. We'll tell them it's time to do a Super Flip and they'll say, "No, no, no! I'm going to do a double flip no-hander. OK, here I go!" That's usually how it works; someone will come up with something and just go for it. That's good for the fans because it means that every time the show is different and it's fresh, and it's going to surprise people.

What is your role in each show?

My role is basically to take care of all the silly things that nobody else wants to touch. I do a bit of everything, from BMX bikes to big wheels and a boogey board-that's not the safest thing, because there's no steering, but it's definitely entertaining! I just jump in when I see an opening.

Tell us, what is Travis Pastrana like as a co-worker?

He absolutely drives the show. He kind of sits back every once in a while and does his thing, but he makes it what it is. We didn't have him for one show on our Australia tour, and just because he wasn't there it all went flat and a bunch of our big guys got hurt. Everyone was just hoping to get through it, but then Travis showed up the next round and we all got right back into the swing. He definitely is the spark behind the show and is the one who makes it all happen.

So what's the plan for the Nitro Circus Live show in Vegas?

Well, on June 4th at the MGM Grand, Nitro Circus is going to try to blow every show out of the water that we've ever done. The plans I've heard, so far, are absolutely terrifying. I can't guarantee anything, but I know there are quite a few people who have some really gnarly stuff planned. Everything is hush-hush right now because the rule is that if you claim it, you have to do it. We're all staying tight-lipped right now, just to survive training.

How do you think the American audience is going to respond to Nitro Circus Live?

I have mixed feelings about that, actually. In my experience, the Australian fans aren't always overloaded with crazy live shows, so they are insane and fired up. They never lose interest and are awesome as fans. I am pretty hopeful for the American audience, but it might take more to impress them. I think they are going to be extremely surprised by what they see. If they aren't blow away by this, then action sports has no hope, because we'll be doing everything and more that you'll see anywhere else-half the tricks in the show haven't even been done at X Games! If people don't enjoy this, I don't know what else we can give them.

How can people learn more about the Nitro Circus?

Go to for all the ticketing, scheduling, rider profiles, photos and anything else you want to know about it.Well, there you have it. The June 4th Show line-up is going to be insane. To see the full rider list, check out this link: addition to the usual nuttiness, 10 World Firsts (tricks) will be attempted, including FMX synchronized double backflips, a backflip with three people and a tandem frontflip that rumor has it, will be Special Greg and Travis Pastrana) And in BMX, the triple back flips and triple front flips may even appear. According to the Nitro crew, "many of the stunts to be thrown down at the Nitro Circus Live Vegas Show may never be seen again. This show is not to be missed!"Great tickets are still available, but they're going quick. Order yours today at