Q and A with Jacob Argubright - Dirt Rider Magazine

With only 4 days until round 5 of the National Hare and Hound Series, Jacob Argubright is preparing for three weeks of intense racing. I spent about 20 minutes with him to see what life is like before such a large month of important races. Here is what I got from him...So there are three weeks in a row of big races, are you ready?

Umm...yeah! These three weeks will either make or break my season. District 37 has been going great, and I am leading both the Hwt and Overall classes, and feel like it couldn't be going much better. Utah, which is first, is going to be the hardest one for me. I did well there last year, but I really just don't get to ride that terrain as much as I want. Those trees are crazy, and they will really end your race if you're not careful. Worcs will be a fun race, but I'm really excited about the Vikings National in Lucerne!

We will get back to the Lucerne Race, but tell me about WORCS First?

Well basically I have been evaluating my racing as of lately. I still have the priority to win the D37 Title this year, but I need to get my name out as much as possible. In talking with Destry and Johnny from Kawasaki, that is really the place to do it. As I get ready for Endurocross this summer, I need as much racing as possible and I think that the WORCS series will allow me to work on that. I don't really have high expectations, but I am excited to see where I will finish.

Have you been doing any special training for WORCS?

_ I have a new trainer for the last couple months, his name is Jason Johnson and he has been a big influence. Jason has a big background in Training and Fighting, so he has the mentality to keep me working hard in the Gym. Honestly he motivates me to get into shape, and that is something that I have never really had before in my racing. He even says he is going to come out to a race at the end of the month, so I guess I need to be on my best behavior._

Outside of training, what is a Typical Day like for Jacob?

My whole family normally gets up early, so rarely am I still in bed at 7 am. Normally I'll check in with Ed the mechanic, who is down in the race shop, to see if he needs anything. From there I head to the Airport where the office is (Argubright Construction) and I put a few hours in with my graphic design company, Wide Open Designs.

Wait you have a graphic Design Company?

Well yeah! It is fairly new, but we specialize in vinyl graphics and do a lot of work for the airports that my dad works with. Also I have done some work for people within the industry, but its mainly small jobs right now. I have a website, www.wideopendesigns.net and we should have it launched very shortly, so check it out! But after I have everything done in the office, I usually head home around 1 or 2 to eat lunch and get to the gym. I'm pretty plain I guess.

How many days a week do you get to ride?

Well that is in the process of changing now, and I am going to try and get on a bike once a week to get some moto or endurocross practice in. But truthfully, I usually only ride dirt bikes on weekends. We will go a day or two early to the races, and I just like to ride and get myself acclimated with the terrain before race day.

So you said you were really excited about Vikings, Why?

Well I have done really well at that race for the last three years! It is just a good time of year, in a place that I can really race well in, Lucerne. They call Destry the "King of Lucerne Valley," but one day I would like to have that title for myself! (No offense to Destry of course!)

Do you have any other big plans for the year?

I definitely want to try and make the Junior ISDE team for 2010. And I would also like to talk my dad into taking me to Erzberg for next year, but that is still up in the air. I guess we will just have to see what happens. I think if I can squeeze out a podium or two at the National Hare and Hound Series I might have a few more options, so for now that is the goal!

Thanks Jake and good luck In Utah this weekend!

Thank you! Oh yeah, you can check out my website for race reports over the next couple weeks. www.jacob911.com.

Jacob Argubright is sponsored by Kawasaki of Simi Valley, Off Road Support, TBT Racing, Rekluse, Pro Moto Billet, BRP, IMS, FMF, Scotts, Dirt Digits, and Alliancemoto.com