Gearing Up for Outdoors - Dirt Rider Magazine

Wil Hahn earned his first professional podium in 2009 with a second at the Jacksonville Supercross after leading the first nine laps. Now he's getting ready for some more 'firsts' in the outdoors. He was looking fast at Milestone MX last week, so we tracked him down and had a quick conversation.Pete Peterson: You got your first podium this year in supercross, what does that do for you confidence heading into the outdoors?Wil Hahn: It definitely helps a lot. I feel like my speed has improved. The bike seems to suit me really well. I feel like we've got a good program going right now with my trainer Sandy and Ryan Fedorow.PP: What tracks have you been practicing on?WH: I rode a few days at home in Texas, then I've been out here (in Southern California) doing the routine - Milesone, Glen Helen, Perris, Comp Edge, Racetown, Rynoland, Cahuilla Creek a few days.PP: Do you think it's an advantage to be out there riding with your competition practicing on the tracks at the same time?WH: Yeah, I do, to a certain point. But after the first two rounds I'm going home to Texas because the tracks are quite a bit different, the soil's a lot different. But for sure I think it's an advantage to be out here for the first couple months of outdoors.PP: Do you ever have battles out there with your competition during practice to see where you stand, or does everyone pretty much stay away from each other?WH: It seems like all of us kinda stay away from each other. Once in a while we'll get a few laps in together, but that's about it.PP: Do you and your teammates share bike set up suggestions?WH: Yeah, for sure, we're all pretty open about it. Everybody seems to help out a little here and there with the set up and it's been good.PP: Which outdoor race are you most looking forward to?WH: Probably Texas and Millville. Because of the soil and pretty much last year those were my best tracks, and Texas being somewhat of a home race.PP: Who's the one guy you want to be sure to beat?WH: It would have been Ryan Sipes, but he's still hurt. When he comes back I can't let him beat me.PP: What are you goals for the outdoor season?WH: Just to remain top ten and be a solid guy every weekend and stay healthy and make good choices every weekend. I think that's a realistic goal, and I don't want to be unrealistic with it. If I finish the first few rounds in the top ten I'll be a solid contender at the end of the year.More rider interviews to come as we count down the opening round of the Outdoor Nationals on May 23 at Glen Helen, California.