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Ryan Dungey is a Rockstar. It says so right on his bike. He's also a Target (that's on his helmet and on the palms of his gloves). That's what you get for wrapping up a championship-winning season in the stadiums of Supercross. Last week we caught up with Dungey at Glen Helen. Here are four-and-a-half minutes with the champ.JZ: When did you switch your focus from Supercross to Outdoors?RD: During the whole Supercross season I try to build endurance-wise but as far as the dirt bike goes, I didn't start working on setup or anything until right after Vegas.JZ: How is the prep coming from your body to your bike?RD: I think coming from Supercross and having a couple years under my belt-even last year things came a little more natural-really helps. Having just that one year of experience last year made it easier to transition. So this year, everything is going great.Endurance-wise I feel great. I don't really feel that's even an issue for me but I've always got to keep working on it. And testing with the bike, getting my setup better and better is always key. The more experience I get the better it gets.JZ: What do you look forward to when it comes to the Outdoor Nationals?RD: I really enjoy the Outdoors because it's what I grew up riding. And I'm pumped to say that it's every bit as fun as it was in the beginning. It's something fresh after Supercross, especially for us Lites-class guys who have a half-season in Supercross. It's good to switch it up and keep it fun. It's good to have variety.JZ: Do you feel the fans at the Nationals can interact more with you than they can at a Supercross?RD: Definitely. For the Nationals the fans get to see more. They get to walk around the pits and do more. It's just a bigger environment. Supercross is a little more restrictive and some of the fans don't get to see much until we roll out onto the track. I think Supercross is good because you can see the whole track, obviously. The Outdoors is a longer event and everything is just more open.JZ: Can you feel the fans more at Supercross or Outdoors while you're racing?RD: It's pretty equal, really. But the Outdoor fans do get a bit crazier-which is awesome! I mean, I wish there were a lot more people like that. It's funny to see when you go out there and you can see the banners and hear the people yelling and stuff. In Supercross it seems like it takes something big, like a rivalry or something, to get the crowd going. The Supercross fans are just as into it, so it's pretty equal and I don't think any of them hold back.You can check out same day TV coverage of the 450 class from the opening round of the Lucas Oil Motocross Championship from Glen Helen at 9:00 pm EST on SPEED Check local listings for your community's time and for air dates for the 250 class.More rider interviews to come as we count down the opening round of the Outdoor Nationals on May 23 at Glen Helen, California.