Gearing Up for Outdoors - Dirt Rider Magazine

PJ Larsen is one of the newest members of the Canidae Motosport Kawasaki team. As a rookie...JZ:How stoked are you for the Outdoors?PJL: I'm pretty happy for the outdoors to come. I've had a so-so Supercross season so the Outdoors is sort of a redeem myself thing. It's more like what I grew up riding. I'm working with Ryan Hughes now and it's going really good and I'm getting a lot fast. I'm just looking forward to Glen Helen and getting it going.JZ: How would you grade your Supercross season?PJL: Supercross season was like a C. That's just not where we needed to be. We we're all expecting a lot better results. I showed one flash of brilliance and the rest of the races were bad. Bad starts, going down-you know, I just didn't get the results. So, no, I don't get a very good grade on that report card.JZ: Do you feel your first season in the Outdoor Nationals will be better than your Supercross season since it's what you're more used to?PJL: I'd say that the Outdoors is going to be a lot better. Supercross was a very big learning experience so I can definitely say it's going to be better for me in the Outdoors. Again, it's what I grew up on. Also, I like riding rough tracks, I think I've been to about half of the Outdoor National tracks already so I kind of know how what they're like.JZ: Do you think the Outdoor National schedule will be more grueling than the amateur national schedule you're used to?PJL: You know, my amateur career was probably very good practice. We were the type of racers that wanted to race every weekend so we would travel anywhere from 3-1/2 to 10 hours to get to the race on the weekend to get that Kawasaki money or to just be on the starting gate. If we weren't racing an Amateur National we were definitely somewhere else racing that weekend doing motos with a bunch of fast guys. I know it will be different because you're on the line with the fastest guys and there are 12 rounds, 24 long motos to deal with. I'm just looking forward to all of that.JZ: What's your prediction, moto one and moto two at Glen Helen?PJL: Oh, a prediction...okay. I think the main thing is to just get a good start. Get that good start and get up there with the fast guys, learn where they're at and try to match it. Just riding smart is key. As far as a prediction goes, I just want to get a good start and show everyone what I've got.JZ: Since you're sponsored by Canidae pet foods, I need to know you're favorite breed of dog.PJL: My old roommate had a boxer and I fell in love with her and I actually just purchased a boxer of my own a few weeks ago so I'd have to say the boxer is my favorite breed of dog.JZ: What's your dog's name?PJL: Tyson. The boxer Tyson. And he does like to nibble on ears. He kills your ears! That's how he wakes you up in the morning!