Gearing Up for Outdoors - Dirt Rider Magazine

Ivan Tedesco had, for his standards, an overall disappointing supercross season. He had a few rides that were up to his usual level, but Ivan is one of the riders this year who could get a real chance at a turn around as the outdoors start. We caught up with Ivan at Glen Helen as he was preparing to get a quick session on an abbreviated version of the national track.Pete Peterson: You had some really good rides in supercross, but have you been looking forward to the outdoors?Ivan Tedesco: Yeah, actually my supercross season was kind of a disappointment if you ask me. I didn't really get up where I wanted to be, but it was a rough season, there was a lot of competition in supercross, and it's gonna be the same deal outdoors, there's gonna be a lot of competition, the class is going to be stacked, but I'm really looking forward to it.PP: How long ago did you start training for the outdoors?IT: I started doing some outdoor testing during that little Easter break we got during supercross, then obviously right after Vegas we started hitting it hard on the testing. My training hasn't changed too much, I changed it a little for the outdoors but not much.PP: Is it harder to set up a bike for supercross or motocross?IT: They're both tough. It's tough to get it perfect. You gotta set it up different for supercross and outdoors, but I do feel our bikes this year, the 09, I feel a little bit better on it outdoors than I did in supercross. I think we have a better base setting than we did for supercross, and I'm feeling pretty good.PP: What are your goals for round one, and what are your goals for the season?IT: Round one, be in the top five. I'd say that'd be a good way to start the season, and I'd like to be top three at the end of the season. And just be up there, battle for some wins, and be one of the guys up front.