Interview with Jeremy McGrath: MC talks with us about his new tell-all book, Wide Open-A Life in Supercross

After being in the limelight of our sport for more than a decade, Jeremy McGrath has decided to put his experiences down on paper. Jeremy writes about his rise to fame, friends, and battles along the road, and what it is like at the top."I wanted to tell everything the way it really was, and not keep anything back. This kind of book doesn't mean anything, unless you tell everything," Jeremy begins.We sat down with Jeremy at a Supermoto test session in Perris, California to talk about the upcoming release of his new book, Wide Open-A Life in Supercross.Russ Rohrer for Dirt Rider: Are you excited to see your book finished?JM: Yes, I am excited to have the book coming out. It was a long process. I had help writing it, but talking about everything is a difficult process. I mean, trying to trigger your memory about everything from when you were a kid can be challenging. I think everyone is going to be pleasantly surprised because what I really tried to do is bring out some content that even the people that know me, don't know.DR: What did you do to prepare for this massive brain dump, or whom did you talk to?JM: I first called Ryan Hughes and Jimmy Button, and just had a big session of old stories and memories. Talking to your friends, triggers old memories. When you have a few of those, you really start remembering old stories. I did a couple of those lunch and dinner meetings, just to talk. That really helped me a lot, especially with Jimmy, because we grew up together. Also I talked to guys like Ken Faught, and my Mom and Dad, because they have been close and around me for so long. It's interesting talking to people because everyone remembers things a little differently, and that will trigger your memory.DR: I know there are going to be some great stories in your book. Is there any one story that you're apprehensive about people knowing? And of course the opposite, is there any story or experience that you are particularly excited to tell?JM: I'm not apprehensive about any one story because I set out to be brutally honest. I didn't want to hold anything back, and hurt what the book is about. Some situations got kind of sticky throughout my career, especially with contracts. I still have relationships with all these people, and I had to be honest. That's what a book like this is about. Learning all about a person, and about all their trials and tribulations.One thing I'm excited about is for people to hear how contracts get written, and what happens in that negotiating process. There has always been so much speculation about how events progressed, and what happened with Honda and Suzuki. Nobody really knows what happened in each situation, except me. Now everybody will know.DR: We can't wait to see the book Jeremy. I'm sure that it will be a fascinating read.JM: Thanks. It's available for preorder at and hits the stands soon.Look for MC's book to come out soon, and find out why he's called the King of Supercross.