Throttle Jockey Signs Two Year Deal With Team Honda + Black Friday Promo Code


20 years ago Throttle Jockey(T.J.) was approached by Honda to produce the epic 1995 1-800-Collect Team Honda graphics. An opportunity that turned into sponsorship in 1998 and has continued to current. 2015 will be the 17th year for the Honda/T.J. sponsor relationship. Matt Davis had this to say- "Honda is know for their development and passion for quality. T.J. is no different. Over the past 2 decades our product has developed tremendously and a huge part of that is because of Honda. The most noticeable product that you can see copied on about every bike in the pro pits is the ripple seat cover." The ripple seat cover was tested and perfected by Team Honda and T.J. in 2001 with then rider Ezra Lusk and mechanic Mike Gosselaar. '"We are very excited and honored to be living a childhood dream and couldn't be more happy with the Team, the riders and the new look of Team Honda."

To pick up a set of the 2015 Team Honda Throttle Jockey graphics go to on Black Friday November 28th and use the discount code provided when placing your order.

Ezra Lush running an early version of the Throttle Jockey Ripple seat cover in 2001.
The 1998 Team Honda graphics by T.J.
Universal Studios Jurassic Park Honda and the Sebastien Tortelli #13 Woody Woodpecker Honda by T.J.