Holeshot Smart Pad

Photo Courtesy Holeshot Inc.


This bar pad is like no other.  That’s why we couldn’t call it a bar pad. The name itself tells you everything… Smart pad.  Now you can take your smartphone with you on your bike.  Need to run your stopwatch for lap times?  No problem as you can function your phone right through the clear vinyl.  No need to pull it out to check times, email, texts…

Are you riding in the woods?  Ever want to run your GPS app but didn’t know what to do with your phone.  It’s right there to be conveniently viewed at all times.  This pad keeps it out of the elements as well. No rain or dust to bother your phone while riding.

Photo Courtesy Holeshot Inc.

Do you have a GoPro camera?  Now you can start and stop your camera in this handy location.  Better yet you’re able to see what your camera sees through Bluetooth to ensure you’re getting the right shot.

Holeshot Smart Pad simply Smart…

  • Offers the ability to have your phone in plain view at all times

  • Keeps phone clean and dry

  • Full functionality without removing your phone

  • GPS app or control your Go Pro camera you decide