Holeshot Number Plate Bag

Photo Courtesy Holeshot Inc.


When heading out on your dirt bike, are you looking for a convenient spot to carry your keys, wallet, cell phone some water and tools?  We have just the bag for you.  We have developed a bag to conquer the task.  We did this, and didn’t compromise the looks of you bike.  In fact, if you don’t tell your buddies, they may never notice it until you pull out your snacks on the trail.

This bag has enough storage to eliminate a backpack for most rides.  It is very accessible from the rider position on the bike.  No more pulling it off your back or digging in pockets.  This bag has room for it all along with a small clear vinyl pouch for the smaller items.

Photo Courtesy Holeshot Inc.

By creating a void in the structure of the rear portion of the bag, it allows your break line to freely move up and down. This makes mounting it a cinch.  No tools necessary.

Do you have a racing number?  No problem, you can apply your vinyl right to the bag.

  • Convenient spot to carry your keys, wallet, water and other essentials.

  • Maintain the look of your bike.

  • Installs in 5 min without tools.

  • Still able to run a race number.