High Dollar Fun: Kawasaki KX250F

When Eric Peronnard, the creator of the US Open and EnduroCross, invites you meet the alligator that watches over his personal motocross track and ride a $23,000 Pro Circuit KX250F, you don’t think twice. In fact, you kiss your wife on the forehead, high five your kid and leave a trail of flames out the front door on the way to sunny Florida.

Eric lives and breathes dirt bikes and all events that surround our wonderful sport, and he has a deep passion for trick machines. Every year he gets a fully decked out bike from Pro Circuit personalized by Mitch Payton. Does he need what is essentially a factory bike? Heck yeah, I sure would take one if I could and that’s why I wasn’t hesitant to jump on and spin laps for hours at his sandy Florida motocross track.

At the heart of any amazing race machine is the engine and this one is a Pro Circuit special with Mitch himself doing the porting. The headwork includes cams, titanium valves, copper valve seats, a PC piston and an overall horsepower injection to an already strong 250F engine. Handling the exhaust, a full titanium PC system of course. Any part Pro Circuit makes is dripping on this bike, the most trick being the suspension—at almost $9,000 it is more expensive than the bike!

Within just a couple laps I was spraying Florida sand high and wide, with a smile on my face. Eric stood by like a proud father as I bounced the strong engine off the rev limiter. The bottoming resistance on the forks was insane and I cased the big doubles half a dozen times just to see if I could feel the stops. I never did. The best thing about a trick bike like this the overall tightness of the bike. Nothing feels loose or worn out, it feels better and more solid than a brand new machine. Was I faster on Eric’s high dollar bike? If so, it was because I felt so darn cool riding it! Eric works hard and enjoys the finer things in life. His personal race replica KX250F is proof of that.

Dollar Break Down
PC pipe TI5|$999
PC head work|$549
Porting by MP himself|Priceless
Copper valve seats (4x 129)|$516
PC Piston|$267
Titanium valves (2 sets 359)|$718
Valve springs kit|$264
Hose kit|$199
PC triple clamp|$599
PC linkage|$224
Graphic kit|$199
Clutch cover|$149
Quick adjust perch|$139
Ignition cover|$359
Misc hard parts,plugs ETC|$200
Rental twin wall|$100
Labor to install all parts (Jon)|$700
KX 250 F 2012|$7399
Total of nearly|$23,000