Justin Bogle's GEICO Honda CRF250R

Factory Bike Friday

Mechanic: Grant Hutcheson

There’s little doubt that the GEICO Honda’s are some of the fastest bikes on the AMA Supercross circuit, especially in the 250 class. For that reason, we went to Justin Bogle’s mechanic, Grant Hutcheson, to see what he would tell us about Justin’s bike.

We started out by asking Grant about the suspension, which is done in house.

“This year we made the switch over to KYB suspension, full air fork setup,” said Hutcheson. “We’ve been actually able to go a lot stiffer than we have in the past and still have the good plushness that he likes. That’s the biggest thing is he doesn’t really like the hand feedback and he wants it to feel smooth. We’re able to get it this year with the stiffer fork.”

According the Hutcheson, the triple clamps are factory Honda units, although he couldn’t comment a lot on the exact offset setting.

“We play around with different offsets obviously, said Hutcheson. “It’s a little bit different than stock. Not a huge change to the clamps, except for the clamps themselves and their design.”

As for the brakes, Hutcheson says that all the GEICO bikes run Factory Honda front brakes, master and caliper with the Moto Stuff 270mm kit on it.

“We’ve been running that now for a couple years and we have zero issues with it,” said Hutcheson. “They’re strong, and he likes ‘em progressive. And then the rear setup is basically stock with also the Moto Stuff rear rotor.”

“The wheels we’re running include DID rims,” added Hutcheson. “We run a little bit bigger rear rim than stock. And then we made the switch to factory hubs as well this year.”

As far as the rear linkage, Hutcheson says they play around with it.

“We have a few options through Factory Connection and through Honda itself and we actually are running a stock link this year, which really fit our needs,” said Hutcheson.

On the engine, the GEICO team runs a Moto Tassinari setup.

“Our engine package is really good this year, going from developing more with Moto Tassinari this year,” said Hutcheson. “They really stepped up and did a good job. And Vortex ignition, all the way through. Our Yoshimura pipe this year is awesome. We added the little resonator tank on it and a few other changes this year and it’s on point. Our guys are loving it. It’s such a smooth power this year compared to others.”

Radiators are stock with a little bit of added welding onto them. And then the team makes their own braces as well, welded to the frame. “That’s our own little twist on it this year,” said Hutcheson.

The fuel tank is stock for supecross, but Hutcheson says they’ll switch that up in outdoors.

On person preference items, Justin Pro Taper bars, and Arc levers.