Factory Bike Friday: Josh Grant’s YZ450F

Mechanic: Ben Schiermeyer

There’s no doubt, the JGRMX Yamaha’s are some of the trickest bikes in the Supercross pits, with plenty of hand-made goodies crafted in the Joe Gibbs NASCAR build shop, which is just down the street from the JGRMX facility.

According to Josh Grant’s mechanic, Ben Schiermeyer, JGRMX gets their suspension from Showa, but it’s all serviced in house by JGR suspension guy Jonny Oler. “We do work with Showa, they help us out with specs, but as far as assembly, testing and service, we do all of that in the shop,” says Schiermeyer.

The triple clamps are also made in house, in the Joe Gibbs NASCAR build shop. Grant’s triple clamps are not the factory offset, however, Schiermeyer would not elaborate.

The exhaust is FMF’s new “wrap around system”, which is something that Yamaha came up with to move some of the weight forward, in addition to adding a bit of overall power. Schiermeyer adds that Grant likes a smooth power delivery throughout the range.

As far as motor work, everything is done in the JGRMX shop by Dean Baker, using JE pistons, Dan Crower Racing cams and Carrillo rods. The team also uses Hinson clutch components, including the basket, inner hub and pressure plate.

As far as the brakes go, Grant’s bike has stock calipers with Galfer rotors and pads.

JGRMX builds their own titanium footpegs, footpeg mounts and mount shields, and each rider has his own peg design to suit his personal preferences.

The fuel tank and air-box top are the same that James Stewart ran last year, which gives the bike a narrower profile, and they are hand-made at JGR. Meanwhile, the radiator shrouds are made by Cycra from a mold that JGR designed.

Finally, Grant uses Renthal bars, levers and grips.

Photo by Shan Moore.
Photo by Shan Moore.
Photo by Shan Moore.