Factory Bike Friday: Jesse Groemm’s KTM 250 SX

New Jersey’s Jesse Groemm turned in a solid runner-up finish at the opening round of the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series in Pelion, South Carolina. For 2014, Groemm signed to ride for Shane Watt’s Maxxis/Klim/DirtWise team on a two-stroke KTM. However, instead of riding a 250 XC, which most off-roaders opt for, Groemm elected to ride KTM’s 250 SX model.

“I know a lot of guys take an SX cylinder head and put it on an XC, and they take the battery off the XC to make it lighter, and we were thinking if we put an 18” wheel on the SX then we don’t have to make all those changes,” said Groemm. “The SX is cheaper to buy, so it just made sense. I tested both bikes, the SX and the XC, and I felt a little better on the SX.”

Groemm added that he was more familiar with the older style forks found on the SX and he knew what to expect from them.

As far as mods made to the SX, Groemm says the motor is basically stock, however he is using an FMF “Fatty” pipe with a TurbineCore 2 exhaust.

“The jetting was a little rich out of the box, I guess it’s jetted for a wide-open motocross track,” said Groemm. “It was a little too rich for the woods, and a little blubbery, so we had to do some rejetting. But other than that, we didn’t touch the motor.”

He also uses Flexx handlebars, to reduce the shock.

Greomm also likes the feel of a solid rear brake rotor with a softer pad, so the bike is not skidding into a turn.

The suspension is sent Factory Connection and revalved for Groemm’s weight.

Both Greomm and Watts run Maxxis tires, and the sprockets are from Dirt Tricks.

The chain guide is by T.M. Designs.