Factory Bike Friday: Gavin Faith’s TiLube Honda CRF250R

Mechanic: Buddy Brooks

Gavin Faith has been making waves in the East 250 SX division, at least for the first few laps of each race. The familiar number 49 can usually be found running at or near the front of the pack after the start of each race, however, medical issues have been keeping Faith from staying strong for the entire distance of a main event.

Because Faith is so fast out of the gate, we spoke to his mechanic, Buddy Brooks, to get the lowdown on Gavin’s TiLube/Storm Lake Honda-backed CRF 250.

According to Brooks, Factory Connection has helped Gavin since his amateur days and the sponsorship was pretty much carried over into the pros.

“Factory Connection has been helping us for a long time and they have a special setting for Gavin,” says Brooks. “He likes his suspension to be stiff, but he doesn’t run much sag, only about 105mm sag in the rear, where a lot of guys run 108 or 110mm.”

The triple clamps are by Ride Engineering and they are standard offset, but they have been milled out to take A-Kit forks.

The brake calipers are stock, however, Gavin runs an over-sized 270mm Braking rotor up front.

Brooks does the motors himself, and everything is taken apart and cleanup and inspected, and the compression is bumped up a bit. After that’s all done, Brooks puts the engines back together using a Yoshimura transmission, a special piston made by JE, a CV4 valve setup, and a Yoshimura cam.

“I don’t try to reinvent the wheel,” says Brooks. “I just try to clean everything up and keep it reliable.”

As far as the wheels, Brooks uses Excel wheels on Gavin’s bikes, and while the hubs are stock Honda, they’ve been turned down to remove the castings.

As far as personal preference items, Gavin has run Renthal 996 bars for a long time, and he also likes the Raptor footpegs.

Moto Seat takes care of the seat covers and Gavin uses Renegade fuel.