Factory Bike Friday: Brad Bakken’s Am Pro Yamaha YZ250F

Mechanic: Corey McDonald

Brad Bakken’s Am Pro Yamaha YZ250F is one of the coolest looking bikes in the national enduro pits. It’s also one of the most potent woods bikes in the series.

Starting with the suspension, Factory Connection sets up the KYB forks and shocks on all the Am Pro bikes, and Brad tells us FC spent several days at Randy Hawkin’s facility in Travelers Rest, South Carolina, working with the team and dialing in the team’s suspension.

Holding the forks in place are a set of Ride Engineering triple clamps, which are 20mm offset instead of the stock 22mm. Bakken wanted to bring the front forks in a bit to help the bike turn better in the tight woods sections.

To slow the bike down in the tight woods, Bakken uses a DP over-sized brake rotor on the front, although both the front and rear calipers are stock. He also prefers to use GYTR braided brake lines.

Keeping with the chassis, the rear swingarm has been modified in the area of the chain block, where a small brace has been welded in place to reinforce the mount.

Most of the guards are by T.M. Designs, and the Am Pro team all us Kenda tires. Bakken ran Kenda Washougals for South Carolina.

Enduro Engineering supplies the radiator braces, and there are a lot of trick little GYTR trinkets, like sprockets, timing cap, clutch cover cap, billet cam cover, billet offset axel blocks.

The bars are Pro Taper with Bakken likes the Precision bar mounts, which gives the bars a bit of flex.

The motor is done my Motor Experts and the cylinder and head are ported and polished. The transmission has been tumbled and polished.

Bakken’s bike features a full FMF exhaust system and he also uses a Rekluse manual clutch.