Dropping In On: Taylor Robert

While taking time out of his EnduroCross schedule, Taylor Robert took a spectacular win a few weeks ago at the Buffalo Run OMA in Sturgis, South Dakota. Most recently, the FMF/KTM rider finished a solid second behind Cody Webb at the Tennessee Knockout at the Trials Training Center.

Dirt Rider managed to get a few words in with the Arizona rider at the TKO, and this is what he told us.

Q: What are you doing here at the TKO?

A: Last year was my first year here and I got second so I wanted to come back out and see if I could get a win.

Q: Do you consider yourself an "extreme" racer?

A: well, this is kind of a one-off race, and it's not my main focus but I would definitely consider myself an extreme racer. I've podium at every extreme race here in the United States, and got top 10 at Erzberg, so I think these types of races suit my style and I enjoy racing them.

Q: Tell us about your win at the Buffalo Run OMA in Sturgis.

A: That was my first OMA and it was actually pretty fun. The course was kind of different from what the normal OMA's are like, from what I hear. A third of it was kind of fast, and the rest of the course was kind of tight and in the trees. It was a different format too: two one-hour-and-fifteen-minute motos with a 45-minute break in between. I really liked that format because it kept the racing tighter.

Q: You've been the top American at the ISDE the last two years. Have you been doing anything to get ready for this year's race in Argentina?

A: Yeah, I've already started preparing for this year's race and I'm really looking forward to it. I think we have a good chance at doing really well this year. Kailub and a few other guys came out to my house last week to some Six Days training and we were able to ride on the Six Days tires, which should be a big help.

Q: Do you still train with Mike Damm, the trials guy?

A: Yeah, Mike lives right behind me and we ride every week.

Q: Do you actually get on a trials bike and train?

A: Yeah, I ride a trials bike a couple of times a week and we have a little trials playground in the back yard that we practice on. We also have a "full national' trials course that we ride on as often as we can.

Q: You switched to KTM before the start of the year. How have you adapted?

A: The bikes are awesome and I have a lot of options. I can ride a 300 or a 350, or whatever I want. I am actually riding a 500 at Six Days.

Q: Why did you decide on a 500 for Six Days?

A: I ride that bike really well, because I ride really smooth and I kind of short-shift the bike. I also wanted to try out the E3 class. I've always just competed in the E2 class. Maybe there will be a little less chaos in that class.

Q: Do you know your plan for 2015?

A: It will be pretty much the same as this year. I'll ride Endurocross again plus some extreme enduros, and Six Days.