Dropping In On: Ryan Villopoto

Ryan Villopoto made history this weekend in New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium by becoming just the second person to win four consecutive 450-class supercross titles with a wire-to-wire win ahead of Eli Tomac and Josh Hill.

Despite wrapping up the title with one race remaining on the schedule, this season has been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride for the Monster Energy Kawasaki rider.

Dirt Rider spoke with RV after his win in New Jersey to talk about his season and his plans for the summer.

Q: We got a lot of rain today and even tonight, during the 250 main. How did the racetrack hold up?

A: The track was really good, I as actually really surprised with how good it was. The dirt held it very well, so it made it easy to still jump all the obstacles.

Q How does it feel get this the championship wrapped up?

A: It definitely feels good to finally put this away, it's been a long season and it's been a little bit up and down, so at this point I'm glad it's over. It's definitely big, to be in the record books with just one other person, and with a guy like Jeremy McGrath. It's pretty cool. I think he's definitely one of the coolest guys, and he's somebody I look up to.


Q:** What was different about this year from past years?

A: The field was a little bit closer this year, and for me I didn't start off very well. We also didn't have that big "down" that we've had in the past, like last year, being almost 25 points behind. But the first six rounds were pretty tough for me and I wasn't able to do much, I just wasn't riding that well, just trying to get into the groove.

Q: Has it been tough keeping this going for as long as you have?

A: This is hard, it's 17 weekend's straight, with then one weekend off in the last two weekends. And then add in the stress of the personal sponsors and the team, they basically hire you to win races and do all those things, so it's a lot of weight on your shoulders.

Q: You made history tonight. How do you feel the sport has changed over the years?

A: I might get my hand slapped for saying this, but even since RC left the sport has changed at lot. Back then, in McGrath's time, it was two guys, three at times, battling for the win. And the field was so spread out that if you crashed or made a big mistake, most of the time you could catch back up and second. If you make a mistake or crash now, you're lucky to make it back in the top five. So that sport has changed a lot. But you can't take anything away from the guys who have won multiple championships, even if the times have changed a little bit.

Q: There have been a lot of rumors circulating that you will skip the outdoor nationals. Will you be riding the outdoors this summer?

A: Yes, I am riding the nationals this year. At this point in time, yes, I am riding the nationals.