Dropping In On: Rob Kiniry

If you happened to watch the Daytona Supercross, then no doubt you remember the wild LCQ battle between Rob Kiniry and Weston Peick. And while it appeared to some that Kiniry was the first to cross the finish line, unfortunately, AMA scoring didn’t see it that way, and gave the win to Peick.

For sure, Kiniry is a journeyman motocrosser, and has been juggling the Canadian series along with whatever rounds he can make here in the States.

We spoke with the N-Fab Ti-Lube-backed Yamaha rider at the Indy round of the Supercross series to get his take on Daytona and his year.

Q: That was a wild race at Daytona. Give us your perspective of it.

A: I just kind of had a rough heat race, I got tangled up with Chad Reed, so I had to ride the LCQ. I'm glad I was able to put on a good show for the fans in the LCQ, but ultimately I came out on the short end of the stick. I got my Yamaha off to a good start and was battling with Weston Peick for the final transfer spot throughout the LCQ and it came down to the last few feet of the race; apparently they don't go by the transponder any more because it said I won the race, but they go by the line on top of the jump. But we saw several photos that showed I was in front going across the line. But that's what happens when you end up in the LCQ, and you shouldn't be in there in the first place. Those kind of things happen in the LCQ and it sucks that the sanctioning body is unable to distinguish finish line scoring like any other sport. It's frustrating that it's a professional sport and yet they can't even get the scoring right. But we'll move on and look ahead to the rest of the year.

Q: Talk about the rest of your season.

A: It's been up and down. It's been a tough year, I've had some decent races in the heats but in the mains I've been getting into trouble with first-turn pileups and getting tangled up with lappers. Some of that stuff is out of your control, and you have to just pick up and move on. I've been top-20 in points all year and I'm just looking for some top-15s and top-10s. We're right there, I just need to put some things together on my end and we'll be in there.

Q: This is your first year with N-Fab Ti-Lube Yamaha, how is it going?

A: It's been great so far; it's been a good mesh. Everyone on the team is treating me great and giving me what I need to be successful. I really appreciate that effort and I'm just pumped to be here.

Q: Do you guys have a deal for the outdoors as well?

A: Yes, we're going to do six rounds of the AMA outdoor rounds and then I'm going to race the Canadian outdoor series too.

Q: You've traditionally had strong finishes in the outdoor series; do you feel you are better at outdoors than you are at Supercross?

A: You know, I feel like I'm a stronger outdoor rider, but my trophy walls says otherwise. So I guess I'm pretty equal at both, although I think I'm a little more consistent at outdoors. Where in Supercross, I'm a little more hit and miss. Lately, I've been a little more solid in Supercross.

Q: You've been pretty successful racing in Canada. Compare the Canadian outdoor tracks to the U.S. tracks.

A: It's a little bit different, actually. The tracks are pretty gnarly up there, but mainly they're just different. It's kind of hard to explain. It's kind of like going to Europe. For me, it's fun racing up there because I'm racing for a win up there, where here I'm racing for a top-10 finish. It's very competitive, but at the same time it's a little more laid back.

Q: Can you make the same money up there winning first compared to, say, finishing 15th here in the AMA outdoor series?

A: I would say that's about right when you compare it to Supercross. There's a little bit less money in outdoors, that's why I go up there, I can make more money.