Dropping In On: Ivan Tedesco

Ivan Tedesco has been somewhat off the radar for the past two years; however, he showed up at Anaheim 1 a couple of weeks ago, filling in for the injured Davi Millsaps on the Rockstar Energy Racing KTM team. Despite the time he’s been away from the series, the former Lites Supercross champion has been a solid performer in the first three rounds of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series.

Dirt Rider recently spoke with Ivan to find out just what he's been up to.

Q: How did your deal with Rockstar Energy Racing come about?

A: Well, I haven't been racing since LA of 2012, and I was riding a KTM for a while, and then Davi got hurt and they knew I was riding a KTM so they were looking for someone who might be capable of going out and doing well on the bike. So we put a deal together and I started December 5th and I've just been hitting it hard.

Q: Dave Gowland (Rockstar Energy Racing's team manager) told me you had been doing some testing for Roger DeCoster too.

A: Yeah, that's right. I did two weeks with them, just helping out with the air shock. I've been around for a while and I've got a pretty good feel for the bike so they asked me to help and I think that might be what got the wheels turning with Rockstar. I was out testing at the KTM track and I was turning decent times and I think they saw that and when Davi got hurt then they called me up.

Q: Your fans may want to know what you've been doing the last few years, what can you tell them?

A: Basically, my wife and I had another kid, which make two now, so I've been busy with the family and just trying to figure out what my next move was. The last year's been pretty rough and I'm glad to be out here.

Q: In 2009, you finished third in the 450 outdoor series on a factory Honda and then during that off-season it seemed like sponsorship money dried up and Honda didn't renew your contract. That had to be a big blow to you.

A: Yeah, I was at the end of my two-year deal with Honda and I got third in the outdoor series, won a national and went to des Nations, so I had a good year. But I wasn't able to get resigned, so I went to Valli Yamaha and actually had a pretty good year with them. After that I went to Hart & Huntington, but then things fell through and I was out of a ride after that

Q: How did you feel about the Honda deal, not getting renewed after such a great year?

A: There was no money. I took a 90% pay cut that year, but it was kind of good for me, because I got a different perspective on money after that.

Q: How was your conditioning coming into Anaheim One?

A: Yeah, well I'm still not there. But I've been doing as much as I can since I got the call and it's getting better every day.

Q: Will you stay on even when Davi comes back?

A: Yeah, that's the plan. I'm going to do the full year.

Q: Does that include outdoors too?

A: We're just kind of playing it by ear right now. Right now it's just a Supercross deal, but if I keep improving I'm sure there will be some talk about the outdoors. Hopefully something will come about.