Dropping In On: Bryan Roper

Story And Photos By Bob Theobald

In 2013, Bryan Roper was the #2 ranked pro in at the end of the National MotoTrials Championship. In 2014, he spent time in Europe competing in the Trials World Championships as well as the National MotoTrials Championship. In 2013 and 2014, Bryan was also competing in the X Games and the EnduroCross series.

Dirt Rider caught up with Bryan and his training partner, 13-year-old brother, Josh Roper. We met on a nice 90-degree day in March at their secret training spot as Bryan was preparing for a run at the 2015 National Championship and the 2015 FIM Trials World Championship. I spent most of the time capturing the two brothers in action, but here are a few things that Bryan had to share:

What are you goals for 2015?

“That is a good question. I switched from doing EnduroCross and trials, to just doing trials. This has been my whole focus. I recently transferred to a university so I have also had a lot of school and a lot of work. I think I will show up at the first trial and see where we are. The first rounds are kind of early in the season. You don’t want to peak too early and with my focus on the world rounds, that is what I am more concerned about. We will go into these first two rounds and see where we are at and what we need to improve for the remainder of the rounds.”

When do you start the World Rounds?

“The first two rounds (US Nationals) are in the first two weekends of April and the World Rounds don’t start until the first weekend of June, so we have about a month and a half break to get ready for the World Rounds.”

Training for World Class level competition, how do you balance school and training?

“You just try to ride when you can. Trying to balance it all, that’s the difficult part. I think I have found a pretty consistent program that works for me. I am still able to get the necessary trials training in that is required, but you can always do more.”

I saw that you are working with DA8 training. How has Destry Abbott helped your training?

“Destry's gym, DA8 Training Facility, has really helped me during the preseason. We worked a lot on leg strength and I can see the difference when I'm on the bike now. So, training with him added some confidence when approaching rocks that need big lift.”

Let’s talk about your training partner, your younger brother Josh. How long before he overtakes you?

“He’s already doing that. I’m runnin’ scared. We went out here last Wednesday and he was really on top of it. He was doing stuff that was really surprising me. When I was 13, there was no way I was doing that kind of stuff. So yeah, I ‘m runnin’ scared.”

Who would you like to thank for helping you with your 2015 season?

“I'd like to thank Ryan Young Products and all their sponsors, Brad Baumert at Zip Express, AIReS, McPfluger Racing, S3, DA8 Training, Hammer Nutrition, Elrod Machine, and the Man above. “

Check out Bryan Roper and the rest of the pro riders at the MotoTrials kickoff in Amarillo Texas April 11-12 or at round two in Kingman Arizona April 18-19.